The Hottest, Trendiest, Cocktail Ingredients Revealed

Here’s some expert advice on the hottest ingredients for your next cocktail

Mixologist, Chris Cardone at New York’s I Sodi, has a bodacious Bulldizzle Swizzle cocktail which combines two major trends happening in the industry; the tiki concept and Sherry.

Just like any pop-culture obsession, the food and beverage scene has its share of trends. Whether a trend is the sudden influx on gourmet burger joints, or sriracha is in everything from chips to mayo, and overstuffed sushi burritos — fads catch on quickly and sometime fade just as fast. Thanks to social media, the term “viral” has taken on a new meaning (which is unrelated to any illnesses, thankfully). Yet, for the beverage industry, trends seem to emerge overnight and sweep across the country in record time. In the ‘like’ and ‘share’ age, barters must stay aware of all the latest crazes to stay up to date and usually ahead of the game. We’ve search out some of the latest trendy ticks of the trade from expert mixologists. Whether it’s the tiki craze, the use of yuzu or even reinventing classic cocktails these qualities may be invading your favorite bar as you read. Here’s a look at the latest ingredients and concepts being shaken and served bare-side around the country.