Father's Day Gifts for Food-Loving Pops

If your dad is a food lover, he will love these gifts

Food is the way to every man's heart, including your dad's!

Fathers are greatly underappreciated. Usually all the credit goes to the moms. Now we’re not saying that moms don’t deserve credit, but dads work hard too to be as awesome as they are. Who else made us laugh with dorky puns when we were feeling down? Who else taught us how to get the perfect grill lines on a burger? That is why Father’s Day is so important now. It’s our time to really give thanks to our fathers and show them how much they mean to us. 

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Now there are the standard Father’s Day gifts that everyone goes to. We’re talking about tie clips and office supplies. But after years and years, it’s time to spice up your gift-giving routine. What your dad really wants this year is something to feed both his belly and his soul.

Dads are famous for loving food, whether they are manning the grill or eating up mom’s famous cookies. A lot of them like to cook, and more importantly, they like to eat. Culinary gifts are the best way to make your dad smile on Father’s Day. Trust us, they are sick of the “Kiss the Cook” apron and dorky food ties. They are craving something a bit more gourmet and you are the perfect person to give it to them.

Omaha Steaks Dad’s Day Dinner

This dinner package comes with two T-Bone steaks, one 16 ounce package of Omaha Steakhouse Fries, four caramel apple tartlets, and one jar of steak seasoning. It’s everything you need to feed your dad this Father’s Day. And if your dad loves to cook, maybe he’ll want to take the reins and make this meal himself.

You can buy the combo here for $59.99.


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This artical was originally published on April 17, 2015.