9 Ways to Take Your Iced Tea to the Next Level

Learn how to make this refreshing drink even more enjoyable

Shutterstock/Elena Veslova

9 Ways to Take Your Iced Tea to the Next Level

Elena Veslova/Shutterstock

Elena Veslova/Shutterstock

Nothing is better than a nice cold iced tea on a summer day. Even though the drink is perfectly fine without any added components, its classic flavor makes it the perfect candidate for customization. Whether you prefer it smooth and creamy or filled with booze, there are a number of ways to make a cold cup of tea your own.

Cinnamon Iced Tea


If you’re not a fan of adding sugar to your tea, ground cinnamon is a great alternative. It’s often used to make a twist on Thai iced tea

Drop in Some Mint Leaves


Mint leaves are often added to drinks for both their health benefits and their refreshing flavor. Dropping mint leaves in your iced tea will create a unique sweet mint flavor — and help wake you up.

Forget the Sugar, Add Some Cider

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Looking to add a sweet flavor without pouring plain sugar into your tea? A splash of apple cider will do the trick.

Mix Fruit Juice and Vanilla

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If you prefer hot drinks over cold, combine a fruit juice of your choice with a small spoon of vanilla extract. This will provide the same warm feeling as a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Make Ice with Filtered Water

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If you’ve ever come across “bad-tasting” water, you’ll know it isn’t the most pleasurable experience. Though it may sound silly, ice cubes made with filtered water will give you the best results.  

Mix in a Hint of Fruit Juice

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This tactic is most popular when alcohol is involved, but adding a unique juice to your tea makes it tasty even if you forgo the liquor. Try some white grapefruit juice for a tangy twist.

Swirl in Some Jam

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Believe it or not, this sweet treat is not only for your toast. Adding jam to tea provides a distinctive aftertaste and creates a rare consistency that’s sure to please. (If you’re iffy on the texture, a helpful trick is to place your jam preserves into a tea basket!

Try a Spoonful of Honey

Shutterstock/Elena Veslova

It may seem obvious, but mixing honey into your tea isn’t as simple as you think. Honey in iced tea produces the best results when paired with a sugar. This tactic will truly give it the kick it needs

Use a Dairy Alternative


Sometimes, adding dairy to your tea can create an undesirable texture. Milk replacements such as almond milk and evaporated soymilk provide the same milky taste without the thickness.