Thai iced tea ice cream with coconut sticky rice and fried banana wrapped wontons.
Thai iced tea has a deep, reddish, smoky flavor that when mixed with half-and-half and sweetened condensed milk makes perfect ice cream. Years ago for my final project at the French Culinary Institute I created this recipe by adapting one for tea ice cream from "The Ultimate Ice Cream Book" by Bruce Weinstein. After a few tweaks involving strengthening the tea and substituting condensed milk for sugar, the end result was great. I served it with black coconut sticky rice and fried wonton wrapped bananas — deep, complex flavors with cool, sticky, and crispy textures. But it's tasty enough to stand on its own. The first step is finding the tea. You can score some at your local Asian market, but it's also readily available online. Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Thai Dishes
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