9 Ways to Take Your Iced Tea to the Next Level

Learn how to make this refreshing drink even more enjoyable

Elena Veslova-Shutterstock

Honey Iced Tea

Nothing is better than a nice cold iced tea on a summer day. Even though the drink is perfectly fine without any added components, its classic flavor makes it the perfect candidate for customization. Whether you prefer it smooth and creamy or filled with booze, there are a number of ways to make a cold cup of tea your own.

9 Ways to Take Your Iced Tea to the Next Level (Slideshow)

Popular components that are added to tea are liquor, juice, spice, or a pinch of sugar. Luckily, this universal drink is a sure contender for a serious revamp.

Everyone takes his or her tea differently. Even though the drink tastes fantastic alone, we believe there’s no harm in turning something good into something even better.

Take a look at a few of our favorite simple ways to step up your iced tea.

Add a Pinch of Ground Cinnamon 

If you’re not a fan of adding sugar to your tea, ground cinnamon is a great alternative. It’s often used to make a twist on Thai iced tea.

Drop in Some Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are often added to drinks for both their health benefits and their refreshing flavor. Dropping mint leaves in your iced tea will create a unique sweet mint flavor — and help wake you up.