51 Cocktails for Summer Slideshow

Tequila Cocktails


Who says margaritas have all the fun? Summer deserves a night of tequila; here are five new  ways to serve it. 


What, did you think margaritas were only for Cinco de Mayo? There’s no better time to whip up a margarita than the hot days of summer. Perfect the traditional margarita recipe, and then get crazy with spicy, sweet, and fruity margarita recipes.

Rum Cocktails

Rum is the spirit of summer — and why shouldn’t it be? Made in the Caribbean and sun-loving countries like Puerto Rico, it's perfect for the warm weather, so go ahead and perfect any and all rum cocktails this summer. Start with the classic Dark and Stormy or rum and Coke (with a twist), and work your way up to the punches and fruity cocktails. 

Gin and Tonics

Gin and tonics are sweeping the bars this summer, and there’s no shortage of ways to update the classic cocktail. With summer’s best fruits, try a new G&T and you won’t be sorry. 


It’s the summer of punch — and there are plenty of options to choose from. One of these punches will surely make the rounds at your next big party. 


Don't forget those who want a non-boozy beverage — now’s the time to whip up some great mocktails that everyone can enjoy. If you need inspiration for a kid’s party or a baby shower, look no further than these three mocktails.

Piña Coladas

If you like piña coladas… and finding new ways to make them, try these new takes on the classic tropical cocktail. 


No other drink signifies the start of summer better than the mojito. Minty and sweet, muddled and fun, the mojito is the signature drink of summer — and there are lots of ways to serve it. (After all, who doesn’t want a mojito jelly shot?) 


If a summer night doesn’t scream for sangria, we don’t know what does. Try it with white wine, champagne, sake, and new fruits you’ve never thought of to add to your sangria. 

Low-Calorie Cocktails

Don’t worry, weight-watchers — we didn’t forget about you. There are plenty of ways to imbibe while watching your waistline this summer, like with these light and sweet cocktails. 

Frozen Boozy Treats

As if you needed another reason to eat an ice pop or frozen treat, now you can add booze to them!