In Mint Condition: 7 Mint Cocktail Recipes

We all knew just how hot this summer was: dangerously high temperatures, the humidity, not to mention the sweat beads and frizzy hair we all experience. As summer ends and Indian Summer begins, the  question remains: how are you keeping cool? Get ready to shake things up with the one must-have ingredient this summer to make any drink refreshing: mint. This garnish, which can be picked up in nearly any market, is all you need to make the best thirst-quenching cocktails to officially end summer.

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Most people assume mint is reserved only for Mint Julep recipe; while it's a classic, there are plenty of other cocktail recipes to use it in. Plus, it's an ingredient that can go with nearly any spirit — rum, vodka, bourbon, Pimm's, Campari, and even absinthe can make a great base spirit for your mint drinks. 

Luckily, we've uncovered some noteworthy picks for your Labor Day weekend, as we celebrate the end of summer. Whether you're in the mood for a classic or something a bit more innovative, we have all the mint-worthy recipes collected in one place. Get ice cracking!