5 Wine Glasses You Need For #WineWednesday

Hump day is the best day of the week

shutterstock/ evantravels 

You’re halfway through the week, so celebrate. 

We all get through our weeks by counting down the days until Friday. Sure, the weekend is great, but there’s another great part of the week that seems to always to get overlooked, and that’s good old hump day.

It’s Wednesday, which means we’ve made it through most of the work week. That alone is worth celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than by having a nice glass of wine? In fact, we believe that this halfway mark is so great that it deserves its own hashtag. Introducing #WineWednesday.

Before you stock your wine cabinet in preparation for one of the best moments of the week, ask yourself, do you have all of the proper equipment to celebrate efficiently? 

We’ve put together a list of five wine glasses you might want to invest in if you truly want to celebrate #WineWednesday right. So kick back, relax, and have a glass or two — or three — of wine.

Pinot Noir Glasses

Many wine glass manufacturers make specific vessels to enhance your enjoyment of the most popular grapes in the world. No grape benefits more from a customized vessel than pinot noir. So if you’re going to have specialized glasses for just one grape, it should be this one. Wine Enthusiast has some great pinot glasses that will do the trick.

Riedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Glasses

A large proportion of the world’s great wine regions produce cabernet and/or merlot. Rightly so — cabernet is one of the most popular wines in the world, and it’s a great grape to drink any day of the week, but especially on #WineWednesday! Riedel makes some of the finest glasses in the world, so it’s a perfect choice.

Govino Champagne Flutes

Nothing screams relaxation and celebration quite like sparkling wine. These plastic flutes from Govino are perfect if you’re playing hooky from work and want to surprise your significant other with a spontaneous midweek #WineWednesday picnic.

All-Purpose Stemless Glasses

There’s only so much cabinet space, so you need something that covers most wines. These stemless glasses from Williams Sonoma are tougher for you (and your guests) to knock over at your #WineWednesday rager.

Brandy Snifters


What, you say? Brandy isn’t wine. Sure it is — it’s distilled wine. A snifter full of brandy is the ideal way to relax after dinner on your deck or patio. As an added bonus, they do additional duty with other spirits: The aromatics of whiskey, tequila, and cognac are all heightened by these glasses. Crate and Barrel has some to consider.