Wine Glass Centerpieces

These delicate pieces aren’t just for sipping

Wine glasses can make perfect centerpieces!

If you have a party coming up and a few extra wine glasses stowed away in the cupboard, whip them out and use them to make a gorgeous and creative centerpiece, perfect for either an outdoor or indoor get-together.

Wine glasses are the perfect shape in which to assemble a beautiful centerpiece for almost any party theme — all they need are a few accessories and your creativity to amplify their potential. Sit them right side up and fill with sand, shells, glitter, candles, sprinkles, etc., or flip them over on top of some brightly colored flowers. When flipped over, their flat bottoms are perfect spots for balancing flowers, plants, and candles of many sizes.


Effortlessly elegant, yet still homey and comforting, wine glasses can do much more than hold your favorite brand of bubbly. So grab those lonely extra glasses and make a memorable centerpiece for your next party that your guests will adore!