The 20 Best Australian and New Zealand Wines for ‘Down Under’ $20

We’ve found the best Australian and New Zealand wines at the lowest prices

One vintage after another, this particular release, from New Zealand, stands as one of the great sauvignon blanc values in the world. 

If you look hard and do some research, it’s possible to find value in wine offerings from just about any country. However, certain countries and regions offer more than their fair share of bargains for a variety of different reasons.

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Australia and New Zealand are two such countries. There’s more difference than similarity in what they offer, of course. New Zealand is best known for sauvignon blanc and pinot noir. Other varieties are coming on strong there, but haven’t reached as strong a level of consumer awareness — yet — but there’s hope. Australia, which is best known for shiraz (the grape known elsewhere as syrah) is really a wildly diverse country with a host of divergent regions that specialize in grapes of all sorts. All of this adds up to lots of wines valued down under. Here are 20 selections that provide a ton of drinking pleasure for less than $20.