10 Top Chain Restaurant Wine Lists Ranked

You probably don't go to chain restaurants for the wine, and that's probably wise
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Here’s your go-to-guide to ordering wine at a chain restaurant.

When you're dining at a chain restaurant, your first instinct might not be to ask for the wine list. The cocktail menu and the beer selection are probably more appealing — and more appropriate to what you're eating. Indeed, most chains don't seem to give their wine lists much thought.

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Most chains source wines from the same small group of companies — primarily Constellation, E. & J. Gallo, Jackson Family Wines, and Bronco Wine Company. This has the effect of making the lists predictable and repetitious.

We took a look at ten of the most popular sit-down dining chains in America, perusing their wine lists. We ranked them according to the number and quality of wines offered, the number of wines offered by the glass, the price range for both glasses and bottles, and the appropriateness of the wines listed to the food that’s served.

In cases where wine selections vary according to location, we used the New York City lists.


Frankly, most of the lists were pretty uninspiring, though we managed to find at least a few wines we wouldn't mind drinking of all of them. A few of the lists, though, pleasantly surprised us. Take a look at our ranking of 10 top chain restaurant wine lists.