10 New Sparkling Wines for Spring Worth Trying

A global tour with wines from old and new worlds
A global tour with wines from old and new worlds

Photo Modified:Flickr/Tristan Ferne/CC BY 4.0

An invitation to try fabulous sparklers from Trento.

Sparkling wines can be produced anywhere in the world, but we most commonly see them from the cooler regions on their native countries. This is because cool-weather grapes tend to have lower sugars and more acidity to give that zip we associate with our bubblies.

One of the most overlooked areas for sparklers is the Trento region near Verona, Italy, in the foothills of the Alps. Wine here is made mainly from chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, as it is in Champagne — the gold standard for sparkling wines — and it is also fermented in the bottle, as it is in Champagne. Three from Rotari, a premium Trento producer, are included in our selection of 10 bubblies from the U.S., France, Brazil and Spain, in addition to Italy.

Twist the bottle slowly while holding the cork firmly so you won’t lose any wine, and let’s celebrate!

Francois Montand France Rosé Brut NV ($13)

Creamy with candied, pastel fruit flavors and hints of white chocolate.

Rotari Trento Brut NV ($14)

Also from chardonnay, with rich, mellow apple flavors but with less complexity and stuffing than the Flavio. But still quite refreshing.

Rotari Trento Rosé NV ($14)

Good spiciness, red fruit flavors with some yeastiness for complexity.

Zardetto “Z” Conigliaro Rosé Extra Brut NV ($15)

From classic prosecco country, this pink has light bubbles with good acidity and dark raspberry flavors.

Gloria Ferrer Carneros Blanc de Noirs NV ($18)

Full, mouth-filling, creamy but with good acidity and notes of mellow apple, peach and a trace of mango.

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut NV ($18)

Very satisfying with lots of crisp apple and good minerality.

Juvé y Camps Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2011 ($18)

Enjoyable, well-made food and sipping wine with notes of peppery spices, lemon, and ginger.

Gloria Ferrer Carneros Blanc de Blancs NV ($19)

Tart and minerally with flavors of pear, lemon and other citrus — very refreshing.Rotari “Flavio” Trento Riserva 2007 ($50)

From chardonnay, a very complete sparkler — full-bodied, rich, long with mellow apple flavors.

Peterlongo Serra Gaucha Moscatel Spumante NV


Quite nice low-alcohol fizzy — new from Brazil — in the manner of northern Italian moscatos — rich with touches if peach and lemon, excellent as an aperitif. Price to be determined.