Someone Invented Street Lockers for Storing Dogs While Owners Visit the Deli

Dog Parker describes itself as like Uber, but for tying up your dog outside the deli

Dog Parker is an on-street locking box for storing dogs while their owners visit the deli or stop for brunch. 

It’s tough to know what to do with one’s dog while running errands in the city, but a new business thinks it has solved that problem by creating Dog Parker, which is basically an on-street locker where people can stash their dogs while they visit the deli or stop for lunch.

According to Gothamist, Dog Parker describes itself as “like Uber, but for tying your dog outside the deli.” It’s a box that locks, into which can be put a dog while the owner runs an errand. The boxes are climate controlled so there is no danger of the dogs overheating, and they’re cleaned every day. They’re designed to give owners a place to stow their pets where they won’t have to worry about someone running off with their dogs, which can be a concern with the traditional method of simply tying a dog outside of a store. [slidesehow:4921]

Owners who want to use a Dog Parker box pay an annual membership fee of $25, plus 20 cents per minute or $12 per hour to stow their pets, but it seems pretty easy to stash a dog that way for a quick stop into a deli for toilet paper and beer. People planning on lingering at brunch for a few hours might want to just leave the dogs at home, though.

Founder Chelsea Brownridge says she came up with the idea because she kept having to leave her dog behind while she was out, and that it was a “bummer.” She currently has five boxes in Brooklyn, and has plans to bring out more this year.