Factory Workers Accidentally Eat Their Boss’ Dog

Some factory workers mistook their boss’ dog for a stray and ate it


A factory worker ate a stray dog he found near work and was later surprised to discover that it was his boss' pet.

Different people have different ideas about where the line between “pet” and “food” should be drawn. Some people think no animals should be eaten. Other people think it’s OK to eat cows but not horses, and guinea pigs seem to make great pets and great meals. One thing that most people can probably agree on, though, is that one should never, ever eat an animal if it is one’s boss’ pet, which some factory workers discovered recently when they accidentally ate their boss’ dog.

According to the South China Morning Post, a factory worker in eastern China spotted a corgi wandering around the grounds of the factory where he worked. Dog meat is a regional delicacy in some areas, and this particular man thought the dog looked perfectly edible, so he caught and killed it, then he and his roommates cooked and ate it the next day.

Not long after that, however, the man and his dinner guests noticed “Lost Dog” fliers around the factory grounds and realized that the “stray” they had eaten was actually a pet belonging to their boss’ young daughter, who was very eager to get it back. The boss offered a substantial reward for information about the dog, and another coworker reportedly turned the culprits in.


The men reportedly apologized and said they thought the dog was a stray and offered to pay for it, but the boss was furious and called the police. The man who caught and killed the dog was charged with theft, but he has since been released on bail, and all three are looking for new jobs.