Dog Eating

Thai Restaurant in Dublin Offers Takeout… for Your Dog

Restaurant markets rice pudding dog treat as a cure for ‘starving puppy eyes’
Dog Eating

The head chef of the restaurant came up with the dish after seeing how crazy his dog went when he brought food home.

Irish dogs, rejoice: a Thai restaurant in Ireland is offering a takeout item just for pooches. Camile restaurant’s Doggylicious Rice Pudding is a “rice pudding and mango coulis dog treat topped with luxury Madeline biscuits,” according to the restaurant.

On the inspiration for the menu’s “doggy bag” addition, Daniel Green, a spokesperson for Camile, tells Mashable, “Our head chef noticed that when he brought food home his dog would go crazy because of the smell of the food. Not being able to live with the guilt he came up with the dish and we decided that it would be a great product to share with our customers.”


The response on social media has been positive so far. One customer tweeted a photo of her dog eating the pudding and writes, “[H]ow cute! It was gone in an instant!” Another tweeted a video of her dog eagerly eyeing the pudding, and writes, “Rufus is getting seriously excited by the prospect of pudding from @CamileThai.”