Cooking With Kids

If you want to make your time in the kitchen a bit more fun (and perhaps simultaneously a bit messier), it's a good idea to add children to the equation. Kids can help you prep, they love to get their hands dirty, and it's a way to bring a whole family together.

But not every recipe works for children — you don't want anything that needs a lot of cutting and you have to always keep in mind a short attention span. So we recently caught up with a few of our favorite chefs to get their advice for what is best to cook! Mission Chinese's Danny Bowein suggests dumplings, Top Chef judge and Craft chef Tom Colicchio likes to make classic scrambled eggs, and Talde's Dale Talde likes good old mac and cheese.

wd~50's Wylie Dufresne goes for what he thinks will go over best: "Well, my daughter likes French toast, so I like making French toast with her. I love cooking with my kids," he says. Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen's Andrew Ticer has a different — and slightly more chaotic — approach. "Making pasta with kids is so much fun — watching their faces is a lot of fun," he says. "They get messy with the flour and they'll all stick their arms out."

To get more recipe inspiration, watch the video above!