You've Been Grilling Steak All Wrong: Here's the Right Way

No fuss or fancy tools; just technique and a good cut of meat


Here’s how to grill a steak the right way

You’ve been grilling steak all wrong, did you know that?

A well-marbled, dry-aged, gloriously thick USDA Prime cut of beef is a work of art and damn expensive, so why would you do that? Why would you disrespect the meat like that?

Let’s take a moment and list the many ways you may have gone astray: You chose a lean piece of beef; you tried to cook a cold steak; you didn’t season it properly; you didn’t prep the grill; the heat was set too low; you kept flipping and meddling with the steak; you over/under cooked it; you sliced into it immediately; and, lastly, you weren’t grateful for all of the work that went into that masterpiece. From farmer to butcher to your role as grill master, you didn’t appreciate it.

Let us fix this. Let us set you on the right path to steak success.

The Daily Meal has a very helpful guide to buying cuts of beef that expertly outlines all the options available to the consumer. Choosing a cut is a personal decision that takes into account preference and price, so here is one piece of advice: Fat is flavor; choose a cut with well-integrated marbling of fat for the best possible taste.

For the purpose of this article, let’s assume we are cooking a 1-inch-thick, well-marbled rib-eye and will be cooking it to a juicy medium-rare.


Here’s how to grill it the right way.