How to Thaw and Cook Frozen Steaks

A frozen steak isn’t something to be scared of

Who cares that a steak is frozen, just make sure it's cooked well.

How many times have you spotted that frozen steak sitting in your freezer and decided that you’d save it for another night? You’re not alone.

For a lot of people, the idea of cooking a frozen steak is daunting, and most of the time it’s because they just don’t know what to do with it. From getting it thawed to making it taste great, a frozen steak abides by its own set of rules when it comes to cooking, and a lot of people aren't sure what they are. Thus, it’s easy for people to put off dealing with a frozen steak because it’s frozen and it’ll always be there, right?

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We’re putting an end to the constant neglect frozen steaks are victim to by telling you how to thaw and cook frozen steaks. We don’t care how it got there — whether you froze it yourself, bought it that way, or received it as a gift — but we want you to take that steak out of your freezer and finally put it to good use.

To do this, we’re working with someone in the steak industry who, out of everyone, should know a lot about thawing and cooking frozen steaks. For nearly 100 years, Omaha Steaks has perfected the art of frozen steaks. Starting with premium grain-fed beef that’s been aged and hand-trimmed by their experts, they freeze their steaks at the height of their flavor and tenderness. When an Omaha Steak product arrives at your door, you know you’re receiving the best variety of steak out there, frozen, and now we’re going to tell you what to do with it with tips and recipes from their executive chef Karl Marsh.

Marsh doesn’t recommend freezing steaks at home, because you need professional equipment to vacuum-seal and flash-freeze them to ensure quality and freshness. But as we all know, sometimes a frozen steak finds its way into our kitchens, and he has some great tips for how to handle it. Marsh doesn’t just tell us one way to thaw a steak, but he gives us three, and he ranks them in order of his preference. He also guides us step by step through cooking the steak on the grill, starting with seasoning the steaks and finishing with how to tell when they’re done. And to further get you to do something with that frozen steak, Omaha Steaks has provided recipes for you to try out at home, each one specially developed so that your frozen steak is seasoned and tenderized just right.

So stop scratching your head and wondering about that frozen steak. It doesn’t matter why it’s frozen but it’s important that it’s made well and tastes great, so here’s how to thaw and cook it. 


Anne Dolce is the Cook editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce