Summer Classics

25 Timeless Summer Dishes

You won’t get tired of making these seasonal recipes
Summer Classics

When summer swings around, thoughts of sunshine, beaches, cool drinks, and outdoor cooking immediately begin to surface. Who doesn’t love a good picnic at the beach or backyard barbecue where the corn on the cob is firm and delicious, the burgers are perfectly cooked, and the pie is sweet. What better way to spend the day than sitting at a picnic table or on a blanket under the shade of a great big tree, eating good food and enjoying great weather?

25 Timeless Summer Dishes Recipes Gallery

Even if you love to discover new recipes and are constantly expanding your culinary repertoire, there are certain classic summer dishes that are always — and will always be — in high demand.


These dishes are timeless for a reason. They kick up feelings of nostalgia, remind us of those family summer holidays from our past and, to top it all off, are delicious. They are perfect as they are; no need to update or modernize them. They are classic and they are good. From a perfect BLT to ice cream, cobbler, and fried chicken, read on to discover the recipes for 25 timeless summer dishes.