There's Still Time for a Halloween Cocktail Party

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We have a cocktail for every spirit
Halloween Cocktail Party

Fabiana Santana

Presentation is everything for a Halloween cocktail.

No matter what’s on the agenda for Halloween, we have a cocktail that’s right for fright night. The beauty of a Halloween cocktail is that you can take advantage of all the seasonal flavors while still relying on the liquors you already own. These cocktails pair spiced rum and cinnamon or vodka and pumpkin spice.

Blend together a large-format cocktail if there’s a crowd of zombies dying to get in, or offer up a single drink to the poltergeist next door and see if things get spirited. Or, if you’re just turning off the lights and turning on a scary movie, you can mix up a drink for one. Costumed or not, these cocktails will set the holiday mood. [slideshow: TK]

Don’t forget: Presentation is everything. This is the time for dry ice, cauldron-esque punch bowls, and cocktail glasses decorated for the season.

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