Simplify Your Kitchen Life by Tossing Out These 15 Things

The word ‘tool’ denotes something useful and these gadgets haven't earned the right to call themselves that
Simplify your life and donate them to some other poor, unsuspecting fool person.


Ditch These Unnecessary Kitchen ‘Tools’

If you have ever moved from one house or apartment to another, you know and understand the pain of packing up the kitchen: Delicate bowls and glassware are packaged tenderly; you organize all of your prized pans and baking molds into one box, and then spices are lovingly packed to avoid spillage, too. But there is always, inevitably, a section or drawer in your kitchen filled with cool kitchen gadgets designed to make your life “easier.” You can dump all of this stuff into a box — because you obviously don’t know how to organize it in any way — and admit it: You wouldn’t cry if this box fell off the truck, either.

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A chef’s knife is inarguably the most important and versatile tool in a kitchen. There are other tools, gadgets, and utensils, however, that are the exact opposite: unnecessary, redundant, and useless. By definition, “tool” denotes something useful, and we don’t think some gadgets have even earned the right to call themselves that.

If you are contemplating if a gadget is useful, ask yourself these essential questions:

1.    Do I use it enough for it to take up space in my kitchen?

2.    If it disappeared or broke, how much would I care?

3.    Can the job be done with a more traditional tool… like a knife?


Here is a list of 15 items you should rid your kitchen of. Simplify your life and donate them to some other poor, unsuspecting fool person.