5 Great Pulled Pork Recipes Slideshow

Blackberry Bourbon Pulled Pork Recipe

This award-winning recipe for pulled pork combines Bourbon whiskey and the tart flavor of blackberries. Don't have a smoker? That's ok, because this recipe offers the option of slow cooking the pork in the oven, as well. 

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Pernil Asado Recipe

This recipe from Havana Central in New York City gives pulled pork a Cuban twist, with manzanilla olives and canned pimentos, and it uses a dry roasting method for cooking it. 

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Pulled Pork Sliders Recipe

This recipe is from Astoria's Katch Brewery & Grill, and it has you brine the pork shoulder for up to three days so that it's extra moist and tender. This sandwich wouldn't be complete without a coleslaw topping, though, and chef Chad Bowser shares his signature recipe for this, too. 

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Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Recipe

Featured in the classic barbecue joint Brother Jimmy's cookbook, Brother Jimmy's BBQ, this is a classic Carolina-style pulled pork recipe, featuring a dry rub made with granulated garlic, cayenne pepper, dried thyme, and basil. This recipe is traditionally smoked, but an oven will do just the trick if you're looking to get it done indoors. 

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Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

Chef Paul Steele of Phoenix Public Market Café makes his pulled pork by pre-roasting the pork in a flavorful dry rub, and then braising it until perfectly tender. Tossed in a smoky barbecue sauce and topped with coleslaw, it's a pretty remarkable version of the classic pulled pork sandwich. 

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