How Not to Carve a Turkey: 10 Common Mistakes

Avoid these common carving mistakes and serve a picture perfect turkey this Thanksgiving
How to Carve a Turkey

Jonathan Sawyer shows us how to carve a turkey the right way.

How Not to Carve a Turkey: 10 Common Mistakes


Using a carving fork can damage the crisp skin you worked so hard to develop in the oven.

Don’t let that beautiful golden-brown bird you labored over for days brining, roasting, and basting turn into a scene out of a horror film — shredded into unrecognizable, microscopic pieces of meat that you swore was once a juicy Thanksgiving turkey.

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Carving a turkey doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. It really isn’t that hard as long as you avoid a few common mistakes. Basically, if you can carve a chicken, you can carve a turkey (and if you can’t, just practice).

Set yourself up for success by arranging your tools. Use a large cutting board because turkeys are enormous and you don’t want your bird hanging off the board and rocking back-and-forth while you are trying to carve it.

Keep your cutting board from slipping by placing a damp towel or paper towels underneath, and have some extra ready-to-grab towels on the side so you can clean up any running juices.

Now that you know how to start, read on to find out what you shouldn’t do while carving your turkey this Thanksgiving.

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