Rusty Knife

Watch This Guy Turn a Rusty Old Knife Into an Insanely Sharp One

This crazy video has racked up millions of YouTube views

It’s long been said that it’s not the price of a knife that’s most important, it’s how sharp it is. A YouTuber named JunsKitchen put that theory to the test, and the resulting video has racked up more than 4.6 million views in the past two days.

In the video, the host brandishes a rusty, seemingly worthless Japanese knife and explains that he purchased it for three dollars. He then methodically scrubs the rust off the knife and uses a sharpening stone to restore it to like-new — or even better — condition (with prominent cameos from his cats).

But the video doesn’t end there: Jun then demonstrates how sharp he’s gotten the knife to be through an increasingly intricate series of tasks, first slicing through paper, then slicing through a leaf that’s floating in water, slicing through a tomato in mid-air, slicing a cucumber paper-thin, and finally creating a flower out of a daikon radish. It’s pretty amazing to watch, and it proves that a knife is only as good as the attention paid to keeping it sharp.

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