9 Craziest Outdoor Entertaining Gadgets to Buy This Summer

Go big or go stay home this summer with these crazy outdoor gadgets that are perfect for your barbecue bashes and pool parties

9 Craziest Outdoor Entertaining Gadgets to Buy This Summer

The Daily Meal has rounded up a list of the 10 craziest gadgets to make your party a little cooler. From coolers that don’t use ice and outdoor pizza ovens to robots that attend to your every grilling and tiki cocktail-making needs, these devices are sure to make your party guests say “wow.” 

Beer Dispenser Kegerator

It’s time to get rid of the cooler full of dripping cans and bottles. A beer dispenser kegerator (or outdoor keg refrigerator) will keep an entire keg full of beer cold, and pours out a perfect pint (with the proper amount of frothiness) every time. There are so many kegerators out there that our heads are spinning, but we chose the Koolatron for its sleek, attractive design and reasonable price. Get yours here.

Blue Tooth BBQ Thermometer

Stop sticking old-fashioned pop-up thermometers in your grilled chops — or, worse, guessing when your meat is done (and hoping it’s not overcooked). The iGrill 2 comes complete with all the bells and whistles: multiple prongs for gauging different meat temperatures at once and Bluetooth smartphone compatibility for checking on your steaks from across the yard. Get yours here.

Grill-Cleaning Robot

One of our least favorite summer chores is cleaning the grill. Sometimes it seems like no matter what type of brush you use, clean-up takes more elbow grease and time than you want to devote. But what if you could get a robot to do it? The Grillbot is a charming, automatic grill-cleaner that looks like something out of the Jetsons. Get yours here.

Insect Zapper

Sure, you could cover yourself in bug spray and light a bunch of citronella candles, but you could also get this sleek-looking, mushroom-shaped insect zapper. We liked that it glows like a nightlight, but is less noisy than the traditional humming insect lights. Get yours here.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Instead of scratching your head trying to get a pizza stone to work on your standard grill, check out this portable outdoor pizza oven. It cooks pizzas in 15 minutes or less, supposedly, and allows you to take a break from hamburgers and corn on the cob, which is a plus in our books. Get yours here.

Outdoor Smoker

Ah, the outdoor smoker: the quintessential equipment investment for any serious meat lover or Southern barbecue snob. If you want to try your hand at your own homemade smoked ribs and brisket, you’ll need one of these bad boys. This one from Masterbuilt got top-notch reviews and only costs $179.  Get yours here.

Picnic Table with Fire Pit

One of our favorite gadgets on the list, this picnic table combines the interactive elements of a hibachi grill with a regular picnic table. Basically, it’s a large table with a grill in the center, allowing guests to cook their own food. The only problem with the JAG Grill is that it costs a pretty penny: The six-seat version is $1,199, and the eight-seat version is $2,499. Get yours here.

Portable Icemaker

One of the most tiresome chores associated with outdoor parties is the ice run: someone has to run to the store to buy bags of ice, which only end up sweating and melting in the summer heat. This portable icemaker eliminates that frustration: It makes ice cubes in two sizes, and creates a batch in just six minutes. Get yours here.

S’mores Maker

Now there’s a way to make perfect s’mores even if you don’t have a campfire at the ready. Cheekily called S’More to Love, these fairly simple gadgets are essentially cages that hold your graham, mallow, and chocolate in place while you grill and flip summer’s favorite dessert to perfection. Get yours here.