The USDA Created a New S’mores Recipe, But Will Anyone Bite?

Call a spade a spade, and leave the real s’more alone

If it can’t melt, it’s not a s’more. 

In an effort to promote healthier American snacking habits, the United States Department of Agriculture has created a new “alternative” recipe for s’mores that bears little resemblance to the summer staple.

The graham cracker remains, but we all know that’s not the heart of the sweet snack.

The new recipe, which replaces chocolate with strawberries and the melted marshmallow with low-fat yogurt, has been presented by the USDA as “Strawberry S’mores” with the following plug:

“This quick, easy, and mouth-watering recipe is a perfect afternoon snack for the early days of summer. Kids will love that they can make it themselves, and parents will love that it's an inexpensive and healthy treat!”

Although we have no problem with the concept of a healthy alternative to s’mores, we have a hard time believing that this new snack will pass muster as a relative of the classic combination, which will outlive us all. We’re all for healthy snacks, USDA, but let’s call a spade a spade — meaning, this isn’t a s’more any more than yogurt is a viable substitute for marshmallows. Come on.