What to Eat to Repel Bugs

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Natural alternatives to bug spray to keep those pesky insects away
What to Eat to Repel Bugs


Here's what you should eat to repel bugs.

Although Mother Nature has given us beautiful beaches, lush forests, and awe-inspiring mountains to enjoy, she has also given us mosquitoes, ticks, and a plethora of other bugs that know how to ruin a barbecue or picnic faster than rain. Whether they’re buzzing in our ears or covering our bodies in bites, bugs often spoil our outdoor excursions. Aside from being a nuisance, bugs also carry a host of diseases that can be either debilitating or life-threatening. Thankfully, Mother Nature has also given us foods that we can eat to repel bugs.

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Bugs like ticks and mosquitoes can detect their prey by smelling the carbon dioxide and lactic acid that warm-bloodied animals produce. There are, however, a surprising number of foods that may help mask these odors and make us less tempting to bugs. Garlic is perhaps the best known, but surprisingly, there is anecdotal evidence that chilies also ward off bugs. While some of the foods that are supposed to help repel bugs are pleasant tasting like tomatoes, others are less appealing like Marmite, the salty British spread made from yeast extract that is also known as Vegemite in Australia. 

It’s true that there are number of things you can do to prevent bugs from feasting on you, like avoiding strongly scented lotions, soaps, and perfumes, wearing light-colored clothes, and most importantly, always using bug repellant. But none of these options are as enjoyable as eating. So if you’re tired of being a buffet for bugs, here are some foods that may help ward off nature‘s pests. 

Originally published 8/12/11

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What to Eat to Repel Bugs
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