This Whimsical Pizza Oven Looks Like a Pizza Box

The CuiZen's Pizza Box Oven looks like a cardboard pizza box, but it’s basically a panini press to cook or reheat your pizza
This Whimsical Pizza Oven Looks Like a Pizza Box

Pizza stones are so passé; this is our new favorite way to make pizza.

It may look like an ordinary pizza box (without the greasy bottom), but the CuiZen pizza box is actually an oven in disguise. Halfway between a conventional pizza oven and a Panini press, the pizza box oven can cook homemade pizza and reheat your favorite 12-inch ‘za. At $60, it may be worth the price of five pies, but it’s well worth it, at least for the fun, quirky factor.

Here are the CuiZen pizza box oven specs: the stainless steel oven can heat up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a timer for up to 30 minutes. The rotating cooking surfaces have heating elements to cook both the top and bottom of the pie perfectly, and when your pizza is done, you can open your oven with the “cool touch” handle. The oven also comes with 40 pizza recipe ideas.

This is what an Amazon reviewer thought of this fun product: “I've tried cooking pizza of all types at home, pizzas on the grill, pizzas in a pan, pizzas in a skillet, homemade pizzas, cook at home pizzas, pizzas in a kit — all to no degree of success. Until I purchased the CuiZen Pizza Box Oven. Mamma mia, it produces the best pizza pie.”

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