Socks Made From Coffee Grinds Makes Your Feet Less Smelly (So They Say)

Carbonated coffee grinds have been discovered to be great for filtering odor and sweat in socks

Carbonated coffee grinds are now being turned into sock technology.

Everyone has seen the commercials that display the amazing things that a Brita filter can do for dirty water, so can the same technology work on your feet? The Atlas Sock believes it can.

The Atlas Sock is a performance dress sock that uses carbonized coffee to filter odor and absorb sweat from your feet. You might be thinking of a stiff filter of a sock, but in face the sock uses even more technology, like strain analysis and pressure mapping developed by podiatrists, to make sure you are wearing the most comfortable cotton-polyester blend sock.

So where does the idea of carbonized coffee come in? The coffee holds the odor molecules (kind of gross, kind of cool), the same way your water filter can clean water. And don’t worry, you aren’t going to smell like a walking coffee shop because the coffee grinds, “reclaimed from coffee roasters and shops” according to the company site, is processed to remove the oil which would give if that java aroma.


The Atlas Sock was invented by Ministry of Supply as a Kickstarter project. They have already reached their goal, but according to the site, if they continue raising money up to $100,000, the company will produce the sock in two to three additional colors (right now only black is available). The socks come in "dress sock" which is mid-calf, and a "loafer" style, and prices range depending on how much you want to pitch to the Kickstarter project.