New York's Tap Water Getting 7 Percent Price Hike

Living in the city just got a bit more expensive

Oh, New York City. Sure, we have to give up more than half of our paycheck to rent. Sure, $8 beers are the norm. And yes, we will wait 15 minutes for the next subway when our station is under construction. All because we love you.

But now you're telling us that water is getting more expensive? Apparently, the New York City Water Board has approved a 7 percent water rate hike starting in July, and while most apartment buildings include water in their rent, we can be sure rent is going to jump up the following year.

This hike is reportedly the 16th annual increase, and is supposedly the smallest one yet. Gothamist reports that in the past decade, water prices have jumped up a whopping 150 percent. Start bottling that Brita water ASAP.