How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee

Owner of Joe Coffee demonstrates the pourover method

Jonathan Rubenstein swears by manual brewing at home.

If anyone knows how to brew a cup of coffee, it’s Jonathan Rubinstein. Family owner of Joe: The Art of Coffee in New York City (with his sister, Gabrielle Rubinstein-Cheong), has opened up eight successful locations and introduced specialty coffee brewing to a booming industry. Now, the duo brings their coffee expertise to print in the book Joe: The Coffee Book, released this Friday.

So how does a guy who lives and breathes coffee drink his cup of joe every morning? (He drinks a maximum of three cups per day.) Rubinstein swears by manual brewing at home. It sounds harder than it is, he says. "There’s something about the simplicity that produces the better outcome, the coffee — it’s really just heating up water and pouring over ground coffee beans," he says. Rubinstein says if you’re willing to invest a bit more in the tools (more than the generic Mr. Coffee machine) and have three minutes, you can drink coffee at home that's just as good what you can get from specialty shops. "If you follow the directions precisely and use good raw ingredients, you can replicate those fancy coffees right at home," he says.

While there are a variety of ways to brew at home — Chemex, French Press, the V60 pourover – Rubinstein breaks down the pourover method exclusively for The Daily Meal. Click to the next page to see his method of homebrewing.