Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Turn up the heat with these awesome Cinco de Mayo parties
Host a Fiesta

Viva la fiesta with these great ideas?

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around, you turn up the heat and pour the margaritas. But just because you’re throwing a fiesta, it doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. There are plenty of inventive and fun ideas you can work into your celebration. All you need is a little inspiration and a lot of imagination! Here are some easy ideas to help you host a great bash!


Forget the chili cook-off! Instead, challenge your guests to arrive with their best guacamole dish. With so many ways to make guacamole, you definitely won’t get sick of eating it.

Salsa Dancing Contest

Tell guests to arrive in their dancing shoes and host a salsa dancing contest. If your friends are rhythmically challenged, it’ll be an even better time from all of the hilarity that will ensue!

Piñata Party

Who doesn’t love playing with a piñata after a few margaritas? Instead of buying a store bought one, challenge guests to make their own by setting up a piñata party station. The kids will love the challenge and the candy that comes after it!

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