Netflix and Chill with These Easy-to-Make Snacks

Make your next Netflix and chill night go off without a hitch with these easy-to-make snacks


Netflix and chill with these amazing snacks.

The next time you decide to Netflix and chill, be prepared with these easy-to-make snacks. You can make these with your guest or prepare them ahead of time so you can get straight to the Netflix and chill. One fun recipe includes cherries, which are soaked in whiskey, but you can use vodka or any alcohol you have on hand, to make a batch of naughty cherries. These snacks are sure to get you in the mood.

Honey-Whiskey Popcorn

Is there really a better combination than popcorn, whiskey, and honey? I think not. For your next ‘Netflix and chill’ night, make this popcorn recipe — you won’t regret it.

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Naughty Cherries Recipe

Soak your cherries in cinnamon, cloves, bourbon, and orange for a naughty snack.

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Potato Chip and Sea Salt Mark West Black Chocolate Bark

Revamp chocolate bark for your Netflix and chill session by topping it with crushed Kettle potato chips and Maldon salt.

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