Cloud Eggs: Fluffy, Healthy and So Easy to Make

Switch up your egg game with this trendy new breakfast idea

Try making cloud eggs, they're eggcellent!


Before you slice that avocado to spread upon your toast, stop! There’s a new craze spreading like wildfire across the internet: cloud eggs.

The name may sound wishy-washy, but the results are apparently delicious and nutritious.

To start, you separate the egg yolk from the white. The whites are then beaten to the stiff peak stage, seasoned lightly, and spooned onto a parchment-lined sheet tray into cloud-like mounds that each have an indentation in the middle. The egg white clouds are then baked for a few minutes before the whole yolks are placed into the indents. Then the entire concoction goes back in the oven to finish cooking.

The primary appeal of this dish is the fact that it is a low-calorie breakfast option. With a single egg containing only 70 to 80 calories, eating two cloud eggs is a virtually guilt-free option for breakfast. Cloud eggs have no added fat, and by whipping up the whites you are basically getting more egg for your caloric buck.


For those who want to jazz up their cloud eggs, it is simple: Just add any extras to the whipped whites before baking them. The options are endless; from grated cheese to chopped ham to any vegetable that takes your fancy, you can tailor your cloud eggs to your heart’s content.