Chicken Wings

25 Best Grilled Chicken Recipes

Because chicken on the grill is simply delicious
Chicken Wings

We all love eating chicken, but unfortunately we sometimes fall into the trap of cooking the same recipes week after week. Dishes we once held in such high regard start to lose their appeal the more we cook and eat them. This is not to say that all chicken is boring, but rather to suggest that there are benefits to adding diversity to one’s palate.

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As the warmer months approach, an easy way to jazz up any mundane meal is by throwing it on the grill. What might otherwise be thought of as bland chicken turns into something new and exciting with the addition of some char and smoke. In efforts to up your chicken game, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite grilled chicken recipes, perfect for any night of the week.


From sandwiches to salads and, of course, wings, you will be pleasantly surprised how easily all of these recipes come together. So say goodbye to those old and repetitive chicken recipes you’ve been cooking for years and celebrate with these 25 best grilled chicken recipes.