9 Healthy Warm Weather Dinner Recipes

These dinner ideas are perfect for a spring or summer evening

Grilled peaches and halloumi cheese give this salad a fresh, robust flavor.

Summertime is all about being outdoors: morning hikes, afternoons at the beach, softball games that stretch into twilight. All the exercise and fun of a summer day can really work up an appetite by the time dinner rolls around.

9 Healthy Warm Weather Dinner Recipes Slideshow

Summer is the ideal season to take your cooking outside, and not just because the weather is so much warmer. Tossing fish, steak, fresh vegetables, and even fruit on the grill can be a quick, tasty way to get dinner ready in no time flat. If a barbecue isn’t in your plans, you can still relish the season by cooking light, flavorful dishes that take minimal time to prepare. We’ve gathered together some of our best recipes: Try the No-Cook Summer Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta, Mango Turkey Sliders, or the Hazelnut and Bean Burger.


Even if you can’t make it outside and your day is spent in an office (complete with a muggy subway ride home), try these fresh, healthy recipes to enjoy a taste of summer on your dinner plate.