From Appetizers to Desserts: 10 Things You Can Make With Wonton Wrappers

Move past the expected and try delicious apple, Buffalo chicken, or ahi tuna wontons


A delicious shrimp salad combined with sweet mango and ginger dressing in a wonton cup.

A wonton is a type of dumpling usually found in Chinese restaurants, often in soup. It's simply a wrapper or dough skin made with flour and egg wrapped around filling, often crab (a version combining crabmeat and cream cheese, called crab Rangoon, was invented at the Trader Vic's restaurants and is now widely reproduced around the country) or ground pork, and deep-fried or poached in broth. In traditional Cantonese cuisine, wontons are often served with noodles.

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At home, there's no reason to limit yourself to traditional preparations. Use wonton wrappers to enclose buffalo chicken, bananas and Nutella, or shrimp.  Explore the versatility of wonton wrappers with recipes that range from savory to sweet — from mini wontons with eggs to easy fried apple dumplings — a delicious, unusual dessert in which the apples are sautéed with brown sugar, cinnamon, and cloves, wrapped in wonton skins, fried, and dusted with cinnamon sugar to finish.  

Here are 10 sweet and savory wonton recipes to try:

Ahi Tuna Wonton Crisps


A perfect party appetizer: ahi tuna wonton crisps.

Let your guests enjoy a high-end appetizer that won't cost you very much. While this recipe calls for pricey sushi-grade tuna, a pound of it will go a long way. Dice the tuna into 1/8 inch cubes so it fits inside the wonton wrappers.

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Buffalo Chicken Wing Wontons


Fried wontons with Buffalo chicken.

This wonton recipe uses pre-cooked chicken, fat-free cream cheese, light Cheddar cheese, and hot sauce. You can make the mixture ahead of time, so when you need it, just place in your wontons and bake for 15 minutes. — Patricia Stagich

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