10 Foods You Won’t Believe Are S’mores Flavored


Can you believe s’mores flavored Pop Tarts exist? 

Summer is the perfect time to lie on the beach and plan a midnight bonfire. Just sit and enjoy the cool breeze from the water, build a toasty campfire, and enjoy your favorite summer food: s’mores. Grab a few skewers and roast your marshmallows, then make a little sandwich with chocolate and graham crackers.

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You probably don’t have access to a campfire all year round, but we’ve come up with some ways that you can make s’mores right in your kitchen, and The Daily Meal has plenty of recipes for s’mores-flavored food. Plus, there are so many s’mores-flavored products that have that campfire taste that you crave. Coffee, waffles, Oreos, ice cream — there are s’mores-flavored varieties of all of these items. There’s even a s’mores trail mix that’s great as a midday snack. It contains roasted peanuts, chocolate chips, and yogurt-coated graham cracker pieces —what’s not to love?

Want to fill your pantry with s’mores-flavored foods? Keep on reading.

Eggo S’mores Waffles

Photo Modified: Flickr / theimpulsivebuy / CC BY-SA 4.0

We’re not saying you should eat frozen food all the time, but when you do, make sure it’s Eggo’s s’mores waffles.

Entenmann’s S’mores Little Bites

Chocolate or blueberry Little Bits are the perfect afternoon snack — at least that’s what we thought before we saw their s’mores-flavored version.