Best After School Snacks

Make homework more bearable with these tasty after school treats
After School Snacks

Fill ‘em up with these delicious snacks.

Going back to school may be a drag, but the worst part about it, hands-down, is the homework. After putting in eight hours of learning time, going home and piling on more work is one of the worst ways to spend the afternoon. While it is a necessary evil, homework doesn’t have to make after school programs and after school care torturous. Homework can always be made fun with a little after school snack. After school snacks should be light and invigorating, rather than heavy foods that will make your student sleepy. They also have to be tasty enough to make your students a little happier during homework time. To help you make sure the kids are fed healthfully and happily, here are some great after school snacks that will make after school care more fun!

Apple Slice Sandwiches

Want something crunchy and sweet to give your little one to munch on while avoiding chips or cookies? Make mini apple slice sandwiches as a tasty alternative. Core and slice the apple so the pieces are round and thin and fill them with tasty hazelnut spread. You can add on tasty morsels like dark chocolate chips or savory chopped walnuts for extra flavor!

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Ants on a Log

Celery, peanut butter and a few raisins can make your kid’s after school snacking even more fun!

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Banana Cinnamon Smoothie

This is like a comfort-food smoothiegood for a long day after school.


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