Energy Boosting Recipes For After School Activities

Back to school is fast approaching which means that you and your family are also figuring out after school activities. Whether it's football practice, guitar lessons, or tutoring, after school activities take up a lot of energy for both you and your kids, especially after a long day at school.  

The best way to keep your kids awake and ready to go is with high-energy snacks. That means snacks filled with protein. Of course make sure your kids get plenty of water too because dehydration is one of the quickest routes to an energy slump. We've gathered together some energy boosting goodies that will fuel all of your kids' after school plans.

Homemade Energy Bars

Energy bars are a quick, portable snack that are perfect on the go between school and activities. These bars have rolled oats, unsweetened peanut butter, and chia seeds for a powerful energy kick that is yummy and healthy. Or you could go with these Greek yogurt-drizzled museli bars, complete with chocolate chips for sweetness.

Energy Boosting Candies

Usually the words "candy" and "healthy" don't fit together, but these protein packed truffles are the best of both worlds. You can customize them however you want with any nut butter and spices your kids fancy. 

Quick Smoothies

You can either drink smoothies on the go or stop at home to enjoy them between activities for a quick and cool way to keep your kid's energy up. This matcha smoothie uses almond milk for a protein kick, or you could go a little more towards dessert with this key lime pie smoothie with one surprising ingredient: avocado!

Seed and Nut Trail Mix

Trail mix is a munch-able, delicious snack that is easy to eat and perfect for energy boosts. This pumpkin seed and dried cherry trail mix is sweet and salty, but you can always customize your own trail mix with any combination of seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and sweet additions like peanut butter chips or dark chocolate chunks.