44 Drinks for 44 Presidents: The Ultimate Inauguration Cocktail List

One Washington, D.C. bar features 44 drinks for 44 presidents: how to also drink like your favorite POTUS

A drink for every President, cheers!

We gave you all the possible cocktails you needed for the election (whether you were a Republican or a Democrat); now, one Washington, D.C. bar has upped the ante and mapped out the ultimate presidential inauguration cocktail list: a drink for every president. 

That's right, from George Washington to Barack Obama, Round Robin at the Willard InterContinental Hotel has created a drink for each president. The Washington Post's Going Out Guide points out just how accurately bartender Jim Hewes stuck to the political (and drinking) discourse when it came to creating a drink for each POTUS. For example, Franklin D. Roosevelt's drink, a Plymouth Gin martini, was the first drink he mixed after Prohibition was repealed; George Washington's drink, madeira, is one wine Washington often mentioned in letters. And there's even nonalcoholic options for the sober presidents on the list, like George W. Bush's Coca-Cola with lemon. And what's Obama's personal drink? The Blue Hawaiian, noted for his political party and vacation spot. (We're almost surprised it's not his Honey Ale.) 

The Round Robin shared with us its 44 drinks for each president, so if you're gearing up for your own inauguration party — or want to relive the glory days of (fill in the blank) president — we have every drink you could possibly need. 

44. Barack Obama  Blue Hawaiian

The drink combines the president’s penchant for aged tequila and the cool blue waters of the Pacific; the Blue Hawaiin eatures aged tequila, Curaçao, and fresh lime juice.  

43. George W. Bush  Diet Coca-Cola with a slice of lemon

"Light and crisp" — able to keep even the busiest chief executive, active, alert, and awake.

42. William J. Clinton  Tanqueray Gin and tonic

A standard on the Washington cocktail circuit during Clinton's term.

41. George H. Bush  Absolut Vodka martini

Always politically correct, with or without garnish.

40. Ronald Reagan  California sparkling wine

Introduced to Washingtonians at his first inauguration.

39.  Jimmy Carter  alcohol-free white wine

Served, much to the dismay of the fourth estate, throughout his four years in the White House.

38. Gerald R. Ford  Glenfiddish Whisky, over ice

Served in the spirit of bipartisanship, Gerry also favored Budweiser "longnecks" in the bottle.

37. Richard M. Nixon  Bacardi Rum and Coke

Dick would relish mixing and stirring for his guests aboard the presidential yacht, the Sequoia.

36. Lyndon B. Johnson  Cutty Sark and Branch Water

A post-war favorite of "Cactus’ Jack" Garner and Sam Rayburns’ most famous protégé.

35. John F. Kennedy  Beefeater martini, up with olives

Served regally in the White House to those in the good graces of America’s "Camelot."

34. Dwight D. Eisenhower  Johnnie Walker Black Label on the rocks

An acquired taste from his time spent at Allied headquarters in London during WWII.

33. Harry S. Truman  Maker's Mark and soda

An aficionado of Kentucky’s finest, both he and Bess enjoyed this long-drink while playing poker at the White House.

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt  Plymouth Gin martini


"Oh… so cool, so clean, so awfully civilized!" said FDR. Often scolded by Eleanor for his penchant for the highball, this elegant elixir was served at the most important political party in DC; the Cocktail Party.