The Republican Cocktail Party

Cocktail recipes for your GOP-swinging friends on election night

Who will rule the White House? Good thing we have Republican-themed cocktails to get you through Election Night.

Look, we all know that Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate looking to push President Obama out, is no drinker. (And given Obama's way with beer, we guess Obama can easily take him in a drinking contest.) But that doesn't mean you and your GOP-swinging friends can't drink in celebration should Romney win. 

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As you eagerly track election night, whip up a few cocktails in honor of the candidate; after all, "Mitt" should always rhyme with "mint" in our eyes. We're sure everyone in the GOP can appreciate the Elephant cocktail for the party.

Now, just because the party is partisan doesn't mean bipartisan drinks aren't encouraged. After all, the Presidential Cocktail and the Ballot Cocktail are something every voter can agree on. 


Get all your cocktail recipes here for election night, for the Romney/Ryan drinkers. Who knows, maybe Paul Ryan can get behind a drink or two should the ticket win.