Update: President Obama Says Beer Recipe 'Will Be Out Soon'

Good news, beer lovers: Obama reveals during his Reddit Q&A that the recipe is coming soon

We believe there is a direct correlation between Reddit users and craft beer lovers, so it's no surprise that during President Obama's highly talked about Reddit Q&A, he revealed that his White House brew recipes "will be out soon." 

Reddit user silentmezzo1 was the one to ask the POTUS for his beer recipe, according to the Q&A transcript on Reddit. Obama's answer? "It will be out soon! I can tell from first hand experience, it is tasty." Now the response has hundreds of comments on the comment thread; a few of our favorites: 

emq11: "Obama approved beer. The best around."

Fillup231: "I'm not much of a beer person. Any good cocktail recipes, Mr. President?"

williamgriffin3: "Also, if you need a new brewer for the next four years, I'm available!!"

swarmingblackcats: "Have you considered brewing a cider? Not to name drop or anything but Thomas Jefferson was a fan."

Of course, the petition to officially release the White House beer recipes still only has a little more than 10,000 signatures. Better keep on it, folks: don't make the president make a promise he can't keep.