The Democrat Cocktail Party

If Obama wins, it's going to be a party

Who will rule the White House? Good thing we have Democrat-themed cocktails to get you through Election Night.

Despite President Obama's huge lead in the polls that really matter* — the 7-Eleven coffee cups, the BGR burger poll, the California Tortilla's Obama burrito bowl — election night may still be a nail-biter for Democrats. And for that, we are sure that you need a cocktail in hand to either a) scare off the nerves or b) party like it's 2008 should Obama win. 

Click here for the Democrat Cocktail Party Slideshow 

Get your election night watch-party on with the Donkey, the Incumbent, and the Blue Hawaiian cocktail recipes (yeah, we really love that last one — major props for putting two and two together).  

But of course, just because this cocktail party is partisan doesn't mean we don't support bipartisan cocktails. After all, the Presidential Cocktail and the Ballot Cocktail are something every voter can agree on.

Get all your recipes here for the election night, for the Obama/ Biden drinkers. However, we do think tha a White House Brown Honey Ale would also be acceptable this Tuesday. 

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*We know those food polls don't really count.