Aldi Finds To Make Your July 4 Cookout This Summer's Biggest Hit

With the Fourth of July almost upon us, it's time to stock up on burgers, hot dogs, and other essentials for this year's cookout. If you're not looking to break the bank on your shopping spree, there are lots of items that are cheaper at Aldi than anywhere else. Offering the lowest prices on most of your go-to grocery grabs long with July's amazing finds will help make your holiday gathering a hit.

You can snag these products in the heart of the store, although their exact availability varies a bit depending on location. Some seasonal items were launched in the spring, while others are set to drop right before July 4th. Plus, there's a nice variety of drinks, desserts, and main course ideas that will come in handy when planning your cookout. Many items are offered in various flavors which means you can put together a crowd-pleasing Fourth of July spread.

Kirkwood Chicken Burgers

Beef burgers are the usual go-to for summer cookouts, but if you want something lighter yet just as tasty, chicken burgers can be a great alternative. Aldi offers pre-made Kirkwood chicken burgers that'll save you time fussing around in the kitchen making the patties yourself. This seasonal product has been available since April 12 and comes in Mediterranean and Mexi Cali flavors. The former features spinach, feta cheese, and olive oil, while the latter brings on the heat with pepperjack cheese and both roasted red and jalapeño peppers. A six-pack costs just $8.99, making it an affordable option for a crowd.

Simply Nature Organic Chicken Sausage

If you're not a burger fan, you can also go for a light yet flavorful alternative to classic hot dogs with seasoned chicken sausages instead. Released last April, Aldi's Simply Nature Organic Chicken Sausages come in five-packs that retail for $4.99 and are available in two flavors. Opt for the Mild Sweet Italian flavor, or go for Spinach, which includes garlic and spring greens.

Fremont Fish Market Seafood Boil

Rather than sticking to the usual burgers and hot dogs, why not host an all-seafood barbecue this July 4th instead? Aldi's seafood boil in a bag comes with shrimp, corn on the cob, mussels, red skin potatoes, andouille sausage, and a packet of cajun-style seasoning. The whole thing is ready in just 10 minutes, making for a tasty and fast barbecue alternative. This pick has been in stores since April 12 and costs just $9.99 per bag.

Happy Farms Cheese Grill Pack

Whether you're grilling the perfect cheeseburger, putting together a build-your-own sandwich spread, or even just serving a simple cheese and crackers platter, one thing's for sure — no July 4th cookout is complete without cheese. The Happy Farms Cheese Grill Pack, priced at $4.89, comes with both Pepper Jack and Colby Jack cheeses, already pre-sliced in 22 convenient deli squares for topping your burgers. This product drops on July 3rd.

Burman's Assorted Citrus Hot Sauces

No burger or hot dog is complete without condiments, and while ketchup and mustard are the classics, you can also add hot sauce to turn things up a notch. Or, use it to make your own signature burger sauce and add a burst of fiery flavor. Aldi launched Burman's assorted citrus hot sauces on April 12th, which retail for $2.99 per bottle. Choose from a citrusy-sweet blood orange flavor, lemon-lime option, or a key lime habanero pick.

Nature's Nectar Sparkling French Sodas

Considering that half of Americans drink soda daily, you'll want to make sure a variety of flavors are part of your beverage spread this July 4th. So rather than sticking to the standard Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite options, why not branch out with one of Aldi's Nature's Nectar Sparkling French Sodas? These fancy bottles come in pink raspberry, black raspberry, and blood orange flavors and drop on July 3rd. They'll cost just $3.19 per bottle, making them an elevated soda option for your cookout without breaking the bank.

Vita Life Probiotic Spritzers

For those who aren't soda fans but still want a bubbly drink to sip on, Aldi's Vita Life Probiotic Spritzers might be a good pick. Available in both strawberry mint peach and pineapple mango flavors, these beverages dropped on April 12 and are available for $1.99 per can. The strawberry mint flavor is a lightly herbal, refreshing choice, while pineapple mango brings a tropical flair to your cookout. Throw a few of these in the cooler and you're bound to leave your guests satisfied.

Vista Bay Margarita Seltzers

Aldi's Vista Bay Margarita Seltzers are the perfect alternative to making classic margaritas as your cocktail of choice at your summer cookout (plus it's much easier to open a can than shake up margaritas by hand). These 12-count variety packs have been available since April 12 and cost just $12.99. They feature a classic lime flavor as well as some more out-of-the-box options, including mango chili, strawberry hibiscus, and watermelon cucumber.

Clancy's Dill Pickle or Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn

In need of a fun side to pair with your burgers and dogs? Aldi dropped some new Clancy's popcorn flavors on April 12th, which retail for $1.99 per bag. Choose between a cheesy cheddar jalapeño flavor that adds a kick, or opt for a dill pickle flavor that brings out the pickle relish or pickle slices on your burgers and hot dogs.

Bake Shop Cotton Candy Frosted Sugar Cookie

No cookout is complete without dessert, and rather than trying to make a peach cobbler from scratch or another treat that will require you turn on your oven, why not opt for easy no-bake summer desserts instead? Aldi has got your back with its Bake Shop Cotton Candy Frosted Sugar Cookies. These soft cookies bring the cotton candy flavor of a summer carnival, thanks to their sweet spun sugar-flavored topping. You can snag a 10-pack for just $3.95 starting July 3rd.

Park Street Deli Cinnamon Bun or Cookie Dough Dip

If baked goods aren't your thing, Aldi has another dessert option for you — Park Street Deli dessert dips. These tubs, which are available starting July 3rd for $2.99 a piece, come in two tasty flavors. There's the cinnamon bun flavor with a dash of warming spices found in everyone's favorite summer pies, or a yummy cookie dough dip that lets you eat your cookies raw. Pair either one with a dessert charcuterie board or fresh fruit slices for a grab-and-go sweet treat to finish off your July 4th meal.