The Famous Cake Brand You Can Find At Some Chuck E. Cheese Locations

When it comes to Chuck E. Cheese, most people think of piping hot pizza, fun games, and lots of friendly characters to help kids celebrate birthdays and other events. However, the beloved pizza chain actually has more to offer than that, particularly for people who love cake. Among the many things you might not know about Chuck E. Cheese, there is one especially sweet surprise that is sure to make your next visit super special.

Certain locations offer slices of cake courtesy of Buddy V, otherwise known as Buddy Valastro. Valastro's reality TV show "Cake Boss" featured the inner workings of a thriving bakery and captivated viewers during its run. This stint on TV led to the creation of Buddy V's Cake Slice, which is a towering portion of cake featuring tasty ingredients like chocolate fudge, cream cheese frosting, and vanilla buttercream. At present, only select Chuck E. Cheese establishments offer Buddy V's Cake Slice, so it's best to check ahead of time before your visit. Also, guests are only able to enjoy individual slices, meaning you can't order an entire Buddy V cake to share.

Who is Buddy Valastro and why is his cake so beloved?

"Cake Boss" was a reality TV baking program that ran from 2009 to 2013 (with a brief resurgence taking place in 2015). The show centered around Valastro's Hoboken, New Jersey-based bakery and featured the daily challenges and rewards of creating cakes for a wide range of customers. While some fans wonder why you don't hear much from the Cake Boss these days, Valastro's bakery still remains, although focus has shifted to creating cakes for sale at restaurants and other establishments.

Valastro distributes his cake slices via Virtual Dining Concepts, which delivers food directly to restaurant kitchens. The idea behind Virtual Dining Concepts is that restaurants can capitalize on the appeal of certain brands and celebrities, in this case, Buddy V, to boost sales while also ensuring that diners have access to tasty items. In addition to restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese, retailers like Walmart also sell individual cake slices brandishing the Buddy V name.

Weighing your cake slice options at Chuck E. Cheese

According to the Buddy V website, the Cake Slice line features five tasty flavors. However, Chuck E. Cheese only offers three of these flavors to its guests. Options include chocolate fudge, rainbow vanilla, and confetti cake, and each flavor offers immense appeal to those who can't get enough of sweet treats. Just consider that the rainbow cake consists of six immense layers, while the confetti cake is slathered in tasty vanilla buttercream icing (keep in mind that there are some subtle differences between buttercream and regular frosting). As for the chocolate fudge, it's lovingly made inside Valastro's Hoboken bakery.

The remaining flavors, which include black and white fudge and red velvet, can be ordered directly from the Buddy V website. It's not clear why Chuck E. Cheese leaves these options off their menu, but it may have something to do with the preferences of their young clientele, many of whom visit the establishment to celebrate birthdays. Also, keep in mind that Cake Slices are not included in the birthday party package offered by Chuck E. Cheese and must be ordered separately when dining at the child-friendly establishment. Regardless, fans of tasty cake are sure to appreciate the presence of Buddy V when visiting this fun establishment.