The Discontinued Trader Joe's Cookies We're Still Mourning

Hardcore fans know that Trader Joe's is the place to go for uniquely branded snacks and food products. But to be a Trader Joe's fan is to also know the heartbreak of learning a favorite product will be discontinued. There's one fan-favorite cookie that was sent to the chopping block a few years ago, and fans have been wondering why ever since: The Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies.

Trader Joe's pulled the cookies from store shelves back in June of 2021, making it three years since shoppers purchased the last of the product in stock. The product took the classic, beloved chocolate chip cookie and amped up the flavor with a layer of fudge sandwiched in the middle of two cookies. The cookies were thin, with one blogger comparing them to Milano cookies, making room for the fudgy center to be the star of the show. One Reddit user claimed these were their "all-time favorite cookie," leaving shoppers to wonder why the grocery chain would choose to add them to the growing list of discontinued Trader Joe's items shoppers miss the most.

What fans loved about Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies

These cookies came in an eight-ounce package, allowing room for about a dozen cookies per box. The fudgy center seemed to be the most appealing and unique quality of the Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies, so much so that it inspired another commenter on the same Reddit post to get creative and find a favorite way to enjoy the cookie: "Tastes so good if you warm them up a little – gets kind of chewy with a crispy ridge." A slightly warm, melty, fudgy center with a crispy cookie outer layer? Sounds like a simple but brilliant textural contrast.

Another Reddit user shared their love for the cookies but proposed one possible reason as to why they were discontinued. "...These were so good... these are so dangerous so I only got them every once in a while and I guess everyone did too." If shoppers were infrequently purchasing the product, this could result in low sales, giving us a clue as to how Trader Joe's decides which items to discontinue.

Similar Trader Joe's cookies you can still find in stores

The Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies are not the only Trader Joe's cookies that will probably never return. Fans also loved the Chocolate Joe-Joes, Trader Joe's take on the creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie. Luckily, Trader Joe's still carries some cookie products that may satisfy the chocolate-fudge cookie lover within.

If you still crave a simple chocolate chip cookie snack, you can try Trader Joe's Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. These come in a two-ounce bag, boasting a similarly crispy cookie crisp with creamy chocolate chips. But if you prefer to enjoy your cookies with milk, you can't go wrong with the Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers. These are chocolate chip cookies like you've never seen them before — shaped similar to biscotti, making them perfect for dunking into a tall glass of milk. Although we've had to say goodbye to the fudgy goodness of the Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies, Trader Joe's still has plenty to offer to fill the cookie-shaped hole in our hearts.