Red Lobster Is Hosting A Free Endless Lobster Party In NYC. Here's How To Get In

Red Lobster is already famous thanks to its endless baskets of Cheddar Bay Biscuits and the annual Ultimate Endless Shrimp deal. Now, the chain has announced that it's giving fans something they've wanted for a long time — all-you-can-eat lobster. The only catch is that you'll need to score one of a limited number of tickets to attend the New York City event.

"We're thrilled to reward guests for their love of lobster with our first-ever Endless Lobster event. We know how much our guests love Endless Shrimp, so we figured why not offer Endless Lobster," said Red Lobster Chief Marketing Officer Patty Trevino.

Fans might be used to seeing new dishes rolled out every year for Lobsterfest, but this is the first time that the brand will be offering all-you-can-eat lobster. The event is being held at the chain's Times Square location in the heart of New York City on March 28 ,2023 and will only last for one day. There are three 2-hour time slots available for reservations, but getting one might be a challenge.

How to get a ticket to the endless lobster party

Reservations for the endless lobster party will be available on March 21, one week before the event. No, you won't have to call the Times Square location like a normal reservation — they can only be made here on the Eventbrite page. Red Lobster says that the lucky few that reserve a table will get to enjoy as many one-and-a-quarter pound lobsters as they can along with steamed broccoli, a chosen side option, and of course as much butter as you want for dunking.

The Takeout reports that this event will not only indulge the deepest fantasy of many lobster fans but also act as a test for launching this as a larger-scale offering. That's right — if this goes well, endless lobster might be coming to your local Red Lobster.

Hopefully, this event won't share too much in common with Red Lobster's disastrous all-you-can-eat crab deal. This ill-fated program was launched back in 2003, and it only took three servings for the company to see a loss in the promotion. It was also a generally poor year for crab harvests, and so those losses were intensified as the deal continued. It even caused long wait times for non-participating diners due to the laborious methods required to eat crab legs.

This might be your only chance to enjoy endless lobster, so make sure you're ready to snatch a reservation on March 21, 2023.