Which Is Your Preferred Brand Of Boxed Cake Mix? - Daily Meal Survey

Although it's certainly easy enough to go to a bakery and purchase a pre-made cake, baking a homemade cake for any celebration adds more of a personalized touch to the experience. When baking a cake at home, you have the ability to choose the cake flavor, frosting flavor, and custom fillings, and decorate it precisely as you want it.

Most grocery stores feature an entire aisle full of baking needs, and some even stock kitchen tools (via Wegmans). Customers can purchase everything they need to bake up a cake from scratch, like decorating kits and bags of flour and sugar, but there are also a ton of pre-measured baking mixes available for those seeking a quicker solution. These mixes often feature all the dry ingredients needed for a cake, and instructions on what to add to create a perfect, sweet dessert.

In this exclusive survey, Daily Meal readers voted on which boxed cake mix is their go-to when baking up a sweet treat.

One recognizable brand won first place

More than 500 people responded, and Betty Crocker baking mixes dominated the poll — the brand claimed 34.04% of the vote for favorite boxed cake mix. The baking brand is a household name, and sells a range of products from baking mixes, to premade frosting, to sprinkles, and more. In second place, Duncan Hines claimed 23.46% of the votes. The company sells a variety of cake mixes and has partnered with Dolly Parton to release Southern-inspired mixes. Pillsbury followed close behind in third place, earning 22.75% of votes.

Ghirardelli, known for its decadent chocolate products, also sells cake, brownie, and cookie mixes. The chocolatier earned 10.58% of the vote, coming in at fourth place. Although King Arthur Flour is most known for its bagged flour, also sells a variety of baking mixes. The employee-owned brand earned 6.17% of the vote, sliding into fifth place. In last, with just 3% of the vote, was Simple Mills baking mixes.

Boxed mixes make baking quick and easy

Although creating a cake entirely from scratch may seem like a more personal experience, there's no shame in using a boxed cake mix. In fact, celebrity bakers like Duff Goldman have admitted to enjoying a boxed cake mix every now and again.

According to I Scream for Buttercream, cake mixes are quicker to make since you won't spend time measuring out every individual ingredient. The cakes also typically stay moist for longer and are designed with consistency in mind to ensure you get a great-tasting cake every time. (Plus, there are a few hacks you can try to make your boxed cake mix taste even better!)

The next time you need to whip up a cake for a special occasion, don't hesitate to take the guesswork out of baking. Boxed cake mixes are created with customer convenience in mind, and practically guarantee a delicious, satisfying treat with little effort.