The Microwave Power Trick For Perfectly Silky Steamed Eggs

Eggs are unique in that they're a highly nutritious food that can also be prepared in many tasty ways. According to Nourish by WebMD, eggs are an excellent source of protein, minerals, and vitamins, while also being relatively low in calories and fat. Eggs also have choline, which is a nutrient believed to boost memory and cognitive development, as well as carotenoids to decrease the chance of age-related blindness as a person grows older. 

Of course, great nutrition is just one reason why eggs are such a popular breakfast food. As for preparations, Williams Sonoma lists the most common egg-cooking methods. While often thought of as a simple recipe, making the perfect scrambled eggs takes some finesse to ensure a pleasing texture. There's also poached eggs, a recipe that entails cooking an egg in simmering water until the exterior develops a firm texture (while the interior will remain soft and runny). If you're looking for a truly fast and convenient way to prepare eggs without sacrificing flavor, look no further than your microwave.

The incredible microwavable egg

Per his website, Eric Kim is an accomplished chef and The New York Times writer known for his many culinary contributions, from penning cookbooks to hosting his own YouTube show. Kim is also well-regarded for an innovative egg-cooking hack that exclusively relies on the microwave to achieve the absolute perfect texture.

Per The New York Times, it's similar to gyeran jjim, a steamed egg with a texture close to custard that is quite popular in Korean cuisine. For Kim's recipe, the chef cooks the egg in the microwave at 500 watts to ensure the preparation achieves the perfect "silken" texture, with just the right amount of "wobble." While unconventional egg recipes are often intimidating, especially to those with less experience in the kitchen, Kim's preparation shows that you can create something truly impressive using tools you already have at home. There are also plenty of other easy egg-cooking tips to help you flex your culinary muscles at breakfast time.

Innovative egg hacks to keep your morning on track

For people who frequently enjoy eggs as part of a nutritious breakfast, cooking hacks are indispensable. Accordingly, Insider shares a few helpful tips to ensure a fast, efficient, and tasty morning meal. If you're not sure whether your eggs are still fresh, you can easily test them using a bowl of cold water. Eggs that float have an air cell inside, which means they're no good and should be tossed (per Australian Eggs). On the other hand, eggs that sink to the bottom of the water are still fresh and good to eat. Who knew?

If your family members love nothing more than kicking off mornings with a homemade egg sandwich, there's a hack for that as well. Take a muffin pan that's been greased and crack an egg into each muffin holder. Place the pan in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for about 12 to 15 minutes. The result is perfectly sized, perfectly cooked eggs that can fit easily into biscuits for meals on the go. While most egg recipes are quite simple, cooking an egg is truly an art form that should be learned by amateur and professional chefs alike.